BIM: The tension in change. From minding your own business to a participatory culture

When: 26 May

Location: Sto Werkstatt, 7-9 Woodbridge Street, London, EC1R 0LL

The Museum of Architecture is partnering with Sto Werkstatt to run a BIM workshop led by White Arkitekter in London.

Nina Borgström and Steven Rowland will share White Arkitekter’s reflections and experiences from living the digital revolution in a large, changing organisation:

– What work methods are being affected? Who benefits from what?

– How do we get the digital experiences to enhance the architectural idea? Are there any show stoppers?

– Where are the areas of most resistance and tension? Where are our blind spots?

– To convert the tension in change to innovation, is that possible?

You will see specific examples on how digital work methods are used to democratise or contribute to a participatory culture. The seminar will also emphasise known challenges and opportunities in the general process.

Nina Borgström is Director of Digital Design and BIM (DD+BIM) of White Arkitekter international organization. She has been leading White towards embracing digital opportunities that are centered on keeping people as the primary beneficiary, as well as building a multidisciplinary team to facilitate the evolving practice. Nina is a yoga teacher and leader in the wider community, lecturing widely on change management across Scandinavia.

Steven Rowland is a technologist, BIM professional, and architect for White’s Healthcare studio. He implements technologies and methods to democratise and make transparent complex architectural projects so that end-users can participate freely and effectively. Steven also researches and publishes on emerging technologies and technological innovation areas relevant to the architectural practice.

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