Building Sustainability Sweden 2012

When: 18 Oct
18-19 October

Location: Kistamässan, Stockholm

The Building Sustainability Sweden 2012 conference will focus on defining where we stand today – in Sweden and around the world – by benchmarking ideas and projects in plenary sessions and workshops, as well as proposing what the future might hold for the green building industry.

Sweden’s Minister for Public Administration and Housing, Stefan Attefall and Monica von Schmalensee, CEO of White arkitekter and Chairman of Sweden Green Building Council will be speaking at Building Sustainability Sweden 2012. The conference will feature visits to project sites such as Hammarby Sjöstad, Nya Karolinska Solna and Annedal. For the first time Sweden Green Building Awards will be presented with individual awards given for both New Buildings and Existing Buildings certified under the Miljöbyggnad, GreenBuilding, BREEAM and LEED certification systems.