City Axioms: Spaces of Enclosure

When: 09 Jun
Kl. 14.00-17.00

Location: White Stockholm, Katsan, Östgötagatan 100

Discussion with Lars Mikael Raattamaa, Poet and Architect and Beppe Karlsson, Associate Professor, Department of Social Anthropology, Stockholm University.

Amita Baviskar Delhi University: The shifting visibility of the river Yamuna in the social and ecological imagination of Delhi is a key element in the transformation of the city. This presentation delineates how the riverbed has changed from being a neglected ‘non-place’ to prized real estate for private and public corporations. It argues that the transformation of an urban commons into a commodity is not only embedded in processes of political economy, but is also driven by aesthetic sensibilities that shape how ecological landscapes are valued. Amita Baviskar is an Associate Professor of Sociology at the Institute of Economic Growth, Delhi.

Fran Tonkiss London School of Economics. A range of struggles around current practices of enclosure – from the appropriation of land to the privatisation of cities and the hyper-securitisation of space – raise the always complicated relations between property, protest and access in particularly acute ways. The rights of property, of use and of access represent conflicting ‘rights’ to the city that splinter urban citizenship into various categories of rentier and squatter, speculator and dissenter, householder or trespasser. In this discussion we will consider how a diverse politics of the commons might respond to these confl icts, in a manner which allows us to think about land, space and resources beyond the categories of public and private. Fran Tonkiss is Reader in Sociology, and Director of the Cities Programme at the London School of Economics.

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City axioms is a series of open lectures and discussions on contemporary ideologies and practices of urban design. City Axioms is hosted by the Department of Social Anthropology, Stockholm University, in collaboration with White and KTH. Sponsored by ARQ and the Forum for Asian Studies, Stockholm University.