Exhibition opening event: ‘Make Sense’ by White Arkitekter

When: 06 Apr

Location: Architekturgalerie München

Make Sense by White Arkitekter is an exhibition about the architecture of being human. Welcome to Architekturgalerie München at 7pm on 6 April for the opening event!

This spring White Arkitekter will exhibit 80 of its projects at Architekturgalerie München. The projects and ideas showcased are “future-proofed” and how we make sense through architecture.

Scandinavia is where trees grow old, ideas are young and where the natural environment is a sanctuary. We are a handful of nations powered by democracy and liters of coffee, with a soft spot for middle ground in both rhetoric and mood. This is the origin of White Arkitekter and its values.

Make Sense‘ is both a memento and an imperative. Making sense is the highest thing to aspire to, and at the same time the least we should do when designing new spaces for living.

The exhibition runs 6 April – 20 May 2017.

Photo: Henrik Lindvall

OBSERVERA! Texten: fotograf Henrik Lindvall skall vid varje publicering synas i nära anslutning till bilden, undantaget magasinomslag, där hänvisning till fotografen ska finnas inne i magasinet