From Dusk to Dawn – The Quality of Energy Efficient Lighting

When: 05 Nov
5-6 November

Location: The Swedish Centre for Architecture and Design, Stockholm

Kajsa Sperling, lighting designer at White, will speak at the Nordic conference From Dusk to Dawn – the Quality of Energy Efficient Lighting that focuses on the quality of lighting considering the energy efficiency and technical functionality of the lighting solutions.

Latest research on topics such as control, quality and energy e? ciency of outdoor lighting, quantity and quality of lighting, adequate use of daylight, lighting design and new technical advances are discussed during the conference. In addition to the Nordic conference day with speakers from all Nordic countries, the conference also includes a national workshop on lighting quality for researchers within the Swedish Energy Agency’s programme on energy efficiency of lighting. From Dusk to Dawn – the Quality of Energy Efficient Lighting conference recognizes the importance of the role of the designers and architects in the endeavour of reaching good quality energy efficient lighting in our environment, and therefore includes a lighting exhibition from the Swedish Energy Agency and HållBar, a panel discussion in the evening open for public. Programme and registration.