Green Sky Thinking: Roundtable – What did certification ever do for us?

When: 18 May

Location: White Arkitekter, 27 Charlotte Road, London EC2A 3PB

Wellbeing is very much in the public consciousness, but how are our increasing concerns for quality of life reflected in built environment standards? BREEAM, LEED and Passivhaus are accepted certifications for measuring the environmental performance and impact of a building, but are they serving us well?

The WELL Building Standard provides a new tool to shift the focus to the occupant, documenting the impact that design has on the end-users’ physical and emotional wellbeing. Where is this leading us? Are industry measures, ratings and certifications helping to deliver healthier buildings which improve quality of life?

This future-focused roundtable brings together design practitioners and sustainability experts to interrogate existing certification and explore new alternative techniques for evaluating ‘healthy’ buildings.

To date, confirmed participants include:

Anna Graaf, Director Sustainability, White Arkitekter
Alan Fogarty, Sustainability Partner, Cundall (Europe’s first WELL certified building)
Russell Curtis, Director, RCKa
Professor Flora Samuel, University of Reading; Chair of the Research and Innovation Group, RIBA
Ian Bramwell, Director, Mole Architects
Veronica Simpson, freelance writer with background in environmental psychology
Prof Erik Bichard, University of Salford; RealWorth
Chair: Dan Epstein, Useful Projects