Infection Control and Hospital Design – New Karolinska University Hospital

When: 29 Jan
9.30 am - 1.00 pm

Location: Radisson Hotel, Dubai

Charlotte Ruben, Partner at White, Lead Architect in Design Strategy, New Karolinska University Hospital, is invited by Business Sweden to speak about Infection Control and Hospital Design – lessons learned from New Karolinska University Hospital at the conference Arab Health 2014.

The urgent need for international collaborations has never been more important with the global impact of increasing antibiotic resistance causing Hospital Acquired Infections and the emerging of infectious diseases. With Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) spreading across the Middle East, Swedish and regional experts now join forces to combat communicable diseases in the seminar Infection control and containment of antibiotic resistence, organized by Swecare Foundation, Embassy of Sweden and Business Sweden at Arab Health 2014. The purpose of the seminar is to exchange and share knowledge of best practice between the region and Sweden, including hospital design, innovative medical technology solutions and successful measures taken by Swedish health agencies and care givers to improve prevention and health outcomes related to antibiotic resistance and hospital acquired infections.