Krister Lindstedt speaks at Fitch Colloquium Ex-Situ: On Moving Monuments

When: 27 Oct

Location: Columbia University

Today, various external pressures, from rising sea levels to economic pressure, are making preservationists reconsider the practice of ex-situ preservation.

As a result, a new critical engagement with preservation’s colonial history is emerging. And new technologies are being developed.

White Arkitekter’s Krister Lindstedt is one of the speakers at the 2017 Fitch Colloquium who will examine these and other emerging philosophical, social, technical and environmental questions raised by moving buildings.

Lindstedt is the lead architect of the new masterplan for the city of Kiruna, a city in north Sweden that is about to undergo one of the biggest urban transformations of our time by moving two miles to east.

Kiruna park