Lessons learnt from Scandinavia – how to create healthy environments

When: 28 Apr

Location: Tyréns UK, 100 St John St, London EC1M 4EH

White Arkitekter and Tyréns will present current projects in Sweden with focus on social interaction, safety and physical fitness, at Green Sky Thinking, in London.

Northern European urban design precedents are frequently used as models for projects in the UK. Their success often comes out of a comprehensive understanding of the value of the walkable city, and the importance of all the major stakeholders involved in urban development approaching a scheme from a pedestrian-led viewpoint, with proven benefits to communities including increased social interaction, safety and physical fitness.

The growing cities of Stockholm and Gothenburg are aiming to establish walkable cities with interconnected districts, as part of a long-term sustainable approach to development. Dual carriageways and major transport infrastructure – which ordinarily create barriers to pedestrians and cyclists – are now carefully being incorporated into the cities’ urban fabric through strategies such as burying under and decking over them.

Geoff Denton of White’s London office, and Scot Parkhurst from Tyréns UK, will present current projects in Sweden with walkability as the guiding principle, and make comparisons with UK projects now underway.

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Green Sky Thinking is a week long, London-wide events programme for built environment and property professionals, organised by Open-City. The event showcases sustainable design solutions to London’s current built environment challenges. Each event is expert-led, hosted by organisations experienced in the delivery of sustainable design.