Licentiate Seminar Stefan Lundin – Healing architecture

When: 19 Oct

Location: Scaniasalen, Chalmers kårhus, Teknologgården 2, Göteborg

On October 19, White architect Stefan Lundin’s licentiate dissertation “Healing architecture – Evidence, intuition, dialogue” will be discussed at Chalmers University of Technology. The seminar discussion leader is American architect, professor and editor D. Kirk Hamilton from Texas A&M. The research is sponsored by ARQ and Stefan Lundin is White’s first industry-employed doctoral student.

In today’s healthcare architecture there is a striving to make better use of evidence to achieve environments that can contribute to patients’ healing, recovery, and well-being. These ideas are in part a legacy of the theory and practice of evidence-based medicine and the success it has enjoyed in its field. However, the volume of evidence in the field of construction is limited, and there is no reason to expect rapid growth anytime soon.

This provides some explanation for why evidence alone cannot be expected to lead to healing architecture. To achieve a healing architecture, architects must embrace—and be allowed to embrace—the tacit knowledge of intuition they have accumulated over time. This intuitive knowledge is the fruit of the direct exchange they have with the surrounding physical environment through their experiences, argues Stefan Lundin.

Healing architecture – Evidence, intuition, dialogue – abstract (pdf)