Seminar: Kiruna – The Giant Move

When: 03 Mar
10.30 am - 2.00 pm

Location: Aquavit, 65 East 55th Street New York City

Monica von Schmalensee, CEO, White Arkitekter and Mikael Stenqvist, architecht, White Arkitekter, will speak in New York City alongside Niklas Siren, deputy mayor of Kiruna Municipality, about Kiruna’s dramatic re-location to escape the subsidence caused by the underground iron ore mines.

For the first time in history an entire city is being moved two miles. Kiruna is home to one of the world’s largest underground iron ore mines, which is the city’s main source of income and employment.The iron mine beneath the city is making the ground collapse leaving the city facing a dilemma: move brick by brick or be swallowed by the mine. Kiruna has now begun one of the boldest, most radical urban projects of this century. Representatives from Kiruna Municipality and White Arkitekter, the architect firm building the new city, will share their story about the giant move. The Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce event will be followed by a speaker luncheon on Sustainable Growth in the Arctic, presented by Lars-Eric Aaro, President and CEO of LKAB, the mining company controlling Kiruna’s underground mines and the city’s largest employer. Read more about the seminar.

Kiruna square winter (1920x1200)