Smart Meets Human: The Nordic Model in Urban Development

When: 04 May - 05 May

Location: Brooklyn Navy Yard - Building 92

Mikkel Thams Olsen is Creative Leader at our office in Copenhagen. In may Mikkel will lecture on our project Eyes of Runavik at the Smart Cities Expo in New York.

The Nordic countries are world leaders in technological and sustainable solutions. This positions the Nordics as an attractive potential supplier to markets with a high demand for smart green and urban technologies, such as New York City. The goal is to gather cities and companies from all of the Nordic countries representing a broad spectrum of expertise and technology focused on todays environmental and urban challenges.

Eyes of Runavík creates a strong architectural typology where steep landscape is a crucial living condition. The concept is based on groups of houses forming a circle around a central space, generating a protected microclimate on the inside.

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