Sweden Green Building Conference with Ekobygg

When: 11 Sep
11-12 September

Location: Kistamässan, Stockholm

Monica von Schmalensee, CEO White arkitekter and Jan Wijkmark och Lovisa Kihlborg, architects at White arkitekter, will participate at the Sweden Green Building Conference focusing on the future of sustainable building, housing and workspaces.


10.15 am – Debate: How to create sustainable buildings for the future

Today, the majority of the world’s population lives in cities, and responsible urban development is essential in the creation of sustainable communities. But with so many stakeholders, who is accountable for ensuring that construction, renovation and planning is appropriate to our
cities and society? This debate will focus on the roles of politicians, the construction industry and market drivers in the creation of economically, environmentally and socially sustainable development for the future.

• Stefan Attefall, Minister for Public Administration and Housing
• Fredrik Wirdenius, CEO, Vasakronan
• Monica von Schmalensee, CEO White Arkitekter och Chairperson of Sweden Green Building Council
• Karolina Skog (MP), City Councillor, City of Malmö
• Veronica Palm (S), Sopkesperson for Housing Policy
• Mattias Lundgren, CEO, NCC Housing

1.00 pm-2.30 pm – Focus: How to build sustainably – when building a brand new city

In northern Sweden, the mining communities of Kiruna and Malmberget are on the move due to the destabilization of the ground on which the towns have been built. In Malmberget, several buildings have already been located through an extensive public dialogue. In Kiruna,the city will be demolished and moved three kilometres away from its original locale, creating a rare, unique example and opportunity to plan and implement a major urban development project. This session will share lessons from the creation of a climate-neutral city, an ambitious goal achieved through energy-efficient buildings, smart power systems, a wind farm and waste heat recapture from mining operations.

• Jan Wijkmark, Senior Sustainability Consultant, White arkitekter
• Liza Yngström, Urban Planner and Christina Eneris, Development Engineer, Gällivare Municipality
• Stefan Hämäläinen, Spokesperson for Urban Transformation, LKAB

1.00 pm-2.30 pm – Focus: The development of sustainability certification for urban areas

The HCS Project, short for Hållbarhetscertifiering av stadsdelar or Sustainable Certification of Urban Areas in English, is a collaboration of a large group of stakeholders headed by Sweden Green Building Council and formed to create a common definition of sustainable urban development. This session will share the most recent work of the HCS Project, including the latest developments on a Swedish version of BREEAM Communities and the Swedish framework for sustainable development.

• Ann-Kristin Karlsson, HCS Project Leader, Sweden Green Building Council
• Fredrik Frensborg, Thought Leader Future Cities, WSP Sweden
• Thomas Bergfeldt, Sustainable Business Strategist, NCC Construction
• Lovisa Kihlborg, Architect, White arkitekter