Towards sustainable development goals: White at UN’s housing conference

When: 17 Oct - 20 Oct

Location: Quito, Ecuador

A delegation from White Arkitekter will be attending the third United Nations Conference on Housing and Sustainable Urban Development – Habitat III -, which this year takes place in Quito, Ecuador.

“We believe this is an important forum for a meaningful exchange of ideas and knowledge. White has a solid experience in terms of social sustainability and inclusion but we are looking forward to understanding and learning how other countries have been addressing these topics”, says Viktoria Walldin, social anthropologist at White.


From Södertorn to the world

The Södertorn Analysis” method will be profiled in the exhibition space at Habitat III. The project gathers municipalities, academia and the private sector with the goal of creating innovative solutions to creating attractive cities. White Arkitekter is a partner in this initiative which focuses on Södertorn (south of Stockholm) but can be replicated elsewhere.

“The project was considered innovative in different ways, for instance on how it presents urban data in an informative, creative and accessible way. Habitat III is an important arena that allows us to inspire others at the same time as we take part of the global conversation on sustainable urban developmen”, says Johan Dahlberg, sustainability expert at White Arkitekter. “White has previously been a part of World Urban Forum and, now, this UN conference is yet another step in our long-term commitment to global development”.


Talk: science to guide decision makers

In addition, Ulrika Stenkula, architect and partner at White, will participate in a debate at Habitat III on the 18th of October (13:00-14:30). The event is organized by the international research platform Future Earth, which is launching a new initiative, ‘Urban Knowledge Action Network’, bringing together researchers, policymakers and practitioners to co-produce the knowledge needed for sustainable cities.

Also participating in the panel are the Swedish minister of Housing, Peter Eriksson, former minister of Ecuador for Risk Management, María Del Pilar Cornejo, an official for Housing and Urban Planning from the City of Montreal and Mark Watts, executive director of C40.

“As a research-based practice, White Arkitekter has the opportunity and responsibility to contribute with knowledge so that policy makers can make informed decisions for the greater good. And we as practitioners need to let research inform our design”, says Ulrika Stenkula.


About Habitat III

Habitat III is a global conference which summons diverse urban specialists from governments, local authorities, civil society, private sector and academic institutions reviewing urban and housing policies which affect the future of cities. The goal of the conference is to generate and implement a ‘New Urban Agenda’ with concrete measures to meet the new sustainable development goals.

More information about the conference can be found on the conference’s website.