White’s social anthropologist Victoria Walldin speaks at BEST-konferansen 2017

When: 16 Feb

Location: Næringslivets Hus

Discussions at BEST-konferansen 2017, the annual meeting organised by the cooperative alliance Osloregionen and NHO Oslo and Akershus, focus on ways of making the Oslo region more attractive to both domestic and international audiences. Viktoria Walldin, social anthropologist at White, will deliver a presentation on the physical environment’s role in social sustainability. She also participates in a panel discussion on economic, social and environmental sustainability in urban development in the Oslo region.

Alongside Futurebuilt’s Birgit Rusten and Professor Erling Holm Dokk from Høyskolen Kristiania, Viktoria Walldin will also answer the audience’s questions pertaining to urban development in the Oslo region.
For more information visit BEST-konferansen.