Healing architecture renews psychiatry in Lund

Today, the new Psychiatric Clinic is Lund is being inaugurated. White was commissioned by Wihlborgs to create a modern psychiatry building bringing together the functions in a welcoming environment where open, lush courtyards, bright common spaces and secure single rooms help patients to recover.

A new centrally located main entrance with a conservatory receives patients, visitors and staff, all in one place. Clinics and wards are located close together and connected to the open courtyards, providing both patients and staff a continuity of treatment. The New Psychiatric clinic is a conversion and extension of Klas Anshelm’s Regionhus of 1968.

“We continued to build along the low, narrow mews with large lush courtyards and created a new plan to increase access to natural light and the outdoors. Being able to reside in a free, open atmosphere is very important for the patients,” says Paula Block Philipsen, architect at White.

All patient rooms are constructed as single rooms, with en suite bathroom facilities and the possibility to lock from the inside. Furnishings have been carefully designed to provide a secure, snug refuge with the possibility of multiple uses for rest, dialogue and contemplation.

“As their recovery progresses, they can move from their own room out to the smaller group and on to the ward’s day room, activity room and courtyards,” explains architect Paula Block Philipsen. In addition to creating a more peaceful environment for the patient, it also provides a good working environment for staff.

The concept of bright sections and green rooms where patients can choose solitude or community has been used successfully in the new Healthcare Building for acute psychiatry at Östra Hospital in Gothenburg and the House of Psychiatrics in Borås, both designed by White. The buildings have received several prestigious awards and an internationally acclaimed research study conducted at Östra Hospital shows that aggression and violence decrease with good health care architecture.

In addition to the psychiatric functions, the building houses a restaurant that is open to the public. The auditorium has been renovated and renamed Anshelmsalen. Adjacent to the entrance is a library, café, quiet room, family room and a playroom. Administrative law, research and teaching are also practiced here.

Psykiatrisk klinik, Lund (1920x1200)