Jonas Runberger appointed Professor at the KTH School of Architecture

Jonas Runberger has been appointed to Adjunct Professor at the KTH School of Architecture, in the subject of Architecture with a specialization towards Applied Digital Design in Architectural Practice.

The Adjunct Professorship is supported by White, where Jonas Runberger directs Dsearch, an environment for digital design development as part of the IT-Methodology of the office. The research will be focused on the formulation and identification of important concepts, strategies and techniques in the intersection between experimental digital development and architectural practice. This includes design techniques, design cultures, supporting technologies, business models and conceptual discourses. Jonas is an architect and a Technical Doctor in Architecture, and presented his doctoral thesis at the KTH in the spring of 2012. The Professorship is part time over three years. Read more.

Jonas Runberger (292x450)