NærHeden in Copenhagen – White to proceed with commission to develop sustainable city district

White has been selected to proceed with development of the Hedenhusene Station area in Copenhagen into a brand new district that will become a model for future sustainable cities.

The urban development project NærHeden was started by the Realdania foundation and Høje Taastru municipality with the aim of producing a development plan for a new neighbourhood in Hedenhusene with a proximity to the station. Here the city, nature and the countryside will be planned as a whole, with space for 4,200 homes and 10,000 residents.

Of the eleven architects who were invited to the commission, three teams have now been selected to proceed with their proposals. The proposal from White was developed by the offices in Öresund, with its combined expertise in urban architecture, landscape and social sustainability in collaboration with a number of businesses and experts with cutting-edge expertise in areas such as economy, technology and culture.

– Our proposal, NærHeden – The Smartening City, is about overcoming the conventions of what life in the suburbs is and showing how the future can be represented through innovative perspectives, says Niels de Bruin, landscape architect at White in Malmö.

– How will life look like in NærHeden fifty years from now? The answer to this question will guide our work going forward with the urban vision, where important features include designing sustainable systems that interact with nature, creating new housing and involving the residents at an early stage in the process, concludes Niels de Bruin.

The team consists of White Niras Transsolar and Stockholm Resilience Centre MIC Mobility in Chain Evidens N55 as well as Leif Edvinsson, Klaus Sieger, Ted Lindquist and Jan Servi. The idea process will start on 16 January next year for the three selected teams, with a dialogue meeting chaired by futurologist Liselotte Lyngsø.