New Karolinska Solna University Hospital project wins European Healthcare Design Awards

14 June, 2017

Yesterday at the Royal House of Physicians in London, New Karolinska Solna University Hospital (NKS), designed by White Tengbom Team won the Future Healthcare Design category in the prestigious European Healthcare Design Awards 2017.

Awarded by Architects for Health and SALUS Global Knowledge Exchange, the prize aims to highlight “a future healthcare project that can demonstrate the potential for outstanding outcomes in masterplanning, place making, wellness and sustainability in alignment with the strategic requirements of the healthcare provider to transform their services within the wider community, regional or national health system”.


The jury stated:

As an integral part of a wider healthcare plan in Stockholm, the Nya Karolinska is well-adapted to the planned urban surroundings and environment, making a positive contribution to the local area. There is great potential for future flexibility which provides longer term economic and operational benefits. The project addresses sustainability through design, materials and transportation, achieving a very high standard overall.

The devise “patient first” has guided the NKS project; planning and design is based on the patients’ safety, integrity and comfort. The hospital is being built to operate for up to a hundred years and has as such been planned as general, flexible and of high quality. It is one of Europe’s largest and most advanced building projects, Sweden’s most complex BIM project, the first hospital to be environmentally certified according to Swedish and international standards. It is also the heart of a whole new district which is developing around the urban hospital between Stockholm and Solna.

Within the category White Tengbom Team competed against a shortlist consisting of Haunersches Children’s Hospital at Grosshadern Campus by Nickl & Partner Architekten AG, Germany and the Phillips House Redevelopment at North York General Hospital by Montgomery Sisam Architects, Canada.

White Tengbom Team was formed in 2010 to meet the architectural challenges for New Karolinska Solna Hospital. It is a project-specific company, where two of Sweden’s largest architectural practices, White and Tengbom, work together to design the hospital.

By: Rickard Andersson

Published: 14 June, 2017

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White wins International Design Awards with municipal building

12 June, 2017

The White designed municipal building in Täby outside Stockholm, Sweden, has been awarded the gold medal in the “Architecture – Institutional” category in the International Design Awards (IDA). The awards acknowledge and praise design vision and talent in architecture and design.

Taby KH_Foto Anders Bobert_170324
Photo by Anders Bobert

White won an open architecture competition to design the municipal building in 2010, its proposal being judged against 70 other submissions. The building is designed to achieve maximum transparency between the municipality and its citizens. It opened in spring 2017.

Located in a former parking lot, the municipal building is in a strategic position connecting Täby centre, library, church, municipal swimming pools and school. Its glass façade with panels of brass sheet will change and acquire patina over time. The building is set to achieve Gold certification according to the Sweden Green Building Council.

Lead architects for the project are Thomas Rudin and Robert Schmitz.

By: Rickard Andersson

Published: 12 June, 2017

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White’s proposed experience centre in Germany receives commendation

31 May, 2017

White has received a commendation for its proposal for an experience centre for biodiversity outside the German town of Rehau, close to the Czech border. The proposed experience centre comprises a restaurant, exhibition and teaching rooms, as well as some 50,000 square metres of landscaping.


The competition jury praised the building’s innovative bio-façade in combination with the distinct form and the interior play of light, as well as the technical solutions for local electricity generation, heat storage, natural ventilation and daylight, which were fully integrated in the building.

“The fact that we have received an award in a major international architectural competition in competition with renowned architects from throughout Europe is naturally fantastic, but it is also important for our image as an international office with sustainable architecture as an export commodity. Together with some of Europe’s best engineers we have designed a self-sufficient building entirely in wood, where architecture and sustainability are inseparable components. We have succeeded in gaining a foothold in this context with a proposal which stands out – in both form and material as well as innovative solutions – and it feels good to come so far with a project that is so entirely compatible with our values and vision,” say lead architects Magnus Bunner and Björn Bondesson.

White’s proposal is a reinterpretation of the regional barn architecture. A distinct angular wooden building is located in the borderland between forest and open ground, creating a generous entrance towards the southwest and the rolling Central European landscape. The building is partially submerged in the ground, and the visitor moves at eye level with plants and animals along a glass slit which makes the entire building float. The building’s façades are a large library of biological diversity and high-performing solar cells. Together the visitors build nesting boxes, beehives and insect hotels which over time will fill the façade library and make the actual building a centre for biodiversity along the green strip.

x - GRENZRAUM-fassadendetail

White, with references from successful projects for the Swedish ‘Naturum’ experience centres and similar commissions where nature and architecture meet, prequalified as the only Swedish architect’s office in the competition. A total of eleven offices from countries including Germany, Switzerland and Spain competed.

Besides Magnus Bunner and Björn Bondesson, the competition team from White included the architects Stina Hillinge, Eva Hanewinckel and Linn Roldin, landscape architects Anika Meincke, Ulrika Bergbrant and Eric Reid, as well as the environmental experts Daniel Nilsson and John Helmfridsson. Technical consultants for design, technical system and energy were Drees & Sommer, Stuttgart & Düsseldorf through Michael Duder, Christian Luft and Michael Dufner.

x - GRENZRAUM_Sitplan

x - GRENZRAUM_exteriör

By: Rickard Andersson

Published: 31 May, 2017

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Continued confidence in DR Congo hospital project after successful collaboration

15 May, 2017

Since September 2016, White has been working on a preliminary study for a new mother and child unit at the Panzi Hospital in Bukavu, near the Rwanda border in the eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo. The hospital is run by human rights defender, Nobel Peace Prize candidate and 2014 Sakharov Prize winner Dr. Denis Mukwege.

During a trip to Oslo, the completed preliminary study was presented to Dr. Mukwege by architects Cristiana Caira and Saga Karlsson from White together with Professor Marie Berg from Gothenburg University and Andreas Berg from WSP, the engineering consultancy.


– The response from Dr. Mukwege and the Mukwege Foundation representatives was very positive. We were asked to manage the project’s next stage as well as the implementation, in collaboration with local architects, once the project gets funding. Now the Panzi Hospital is launching a funding campaign, which includes a major donor conference in Bukavu with international actors at the end of May, says architect Cristiana Caira.

The preliminary study has been carried out by White in collaboration with the Panzi Hospital, University of Gothenburg, WSP, Art of Life and Birth and the Center for Healthcare Architecture at Chalmers University of Technology. The goal is to build a centre where women can give birth together with close relatives in a safe and professional environment. The unit will solve the overcrowding in the existing hospital and offer maternity and neonatal care based on a scientific, patient-centred holistic care philosophy. The unit is designed according to the principles of healing architecture.

Goal 5 in the UN’s Millennium Development Goals is to reduce global maternal mortality by three quarters. Dr. Mukwege’s vision for the Panzi Hospital project is to create a model for maternal and neonatal care for other hospitals in similar contexts in the DRC, Africa and the world.



By: Rickard Andersson

Published: 15 May, 2017

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Take Action! How we at White create desirable, democratic architecture that empowers people!

12 May, 2017

As architects and urban planners we take action and deepen our understanding through spatial, cultural and social expertise – especially as White expands internationally.

We want everyone to be able to relate to urban public space with a feeling of entitlement and ease. However the geopolitical situation of 2016 reflect a widespread uncertainty about sharing resources and growing protectionism.

White performed very well 2016 – 900 million SEK in turnover and 7 percent in profit margin. This reflects the good work we are doing. So let’s keep it up and guide new and existing clients towards building a sustainable future.

Sustainability is in our heart and mind. That is why we decided to make the Annual and Sustainability report for 2016 digital. Explore our Annual and Sustainability report here


By: Peter Nilsson

Published: 12 May, 2017

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White Arkitekter curates architectural exhibition in Munich

22 March, 2017

Make Sense by White Arkitekter is an exhibition about the architecture of being human. The title is both a memento and an imperative. Making sense is the highest thing to aspire to, and at the same time the least we should do when designing new spaces for living.

Scandinavia is where trees grow old, ideas are young and where the natural environment is a sanctuary. We are a handful of nations powered by democracy and liters of coffee, with a soft spot for middle ground in both rhetoric and mood. This is the origin of White Arkitekter and its values.

Currently media exposes us to both alternative facts and algorithms that feed us “more of the same”. It takes curiosity to get beyond given patterns, modesty to make sense of what you find, and research to structure and communicate new knowledge. This spring in Munich we will show projects and ideas that are “future-proofed” and how we make sense through architecture.

Make sense / White Arkitekter
Architekturgalerie München
April 6th – May 20th, 2017

For more information contact Max Zinnecker at White.

Photo: Henrik Lindvall

By: Rickard Andersson

Published: 22 March, 2017

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Aabenraa Psychiatric Hospital in exhibition on architecture that creates value

14 March, 2017

White’s model of Aabenraa Psychiatric Hospital is featured in the exhibition “Architecture and Design that adds value” which takes place in Copenhagen 14 March – 28 April 2017.


Aabenraa Psychiatric Hospital is a good example of the impact architecture can have on people and how we are affected both physically and mentally by our surroundings. Only two years after opening, evaluations show that the building has had a positive effect on patients; they feel more comfortable and act out less.

White’s design concept for Aabenraa Psychiatric Hospital was to create spatial sequences in the human scale to support patients’ treatment.

The exhibition is organised by the Danish Association of Architectural Firms and The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts Schools of Architecture, Design and Conservation.

Visit the exhibition at Industriens House, H. C. Andersens Boulevard 18, Copenhagen.

By: Rickard Andersson

Published: 14 March, 2017

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Monica von Schmalensee talks value based design at MIPIM 2017

13 March, 2017

Hi Monica,

You’ll be taking centre stage to present at a seminar on innovative urbanisation in Sweden at this year’s MIPIM Conference in Cannes. The focus is on how Sweden is unique in combining innovation and sustainability in its growth.

Monica von Schmalensee_Foto Fredrik Hjerling_hi res

Can you tell us a little about what you’ll be sharing with the audience?
I will give the architect’s perspective on innovative urbanisation and talk about White’s urban planning approach ‘value based design’, an approach that will help the client make better decisions and us as architects to define urban qualities.

So what does value based design entail?
The guiding principles to value based design are held together through a holistic view of sustainability, from environmental to social. We think long term, generations rather than financial quarters, and to succeed we must listen to the people a space or a building is meant for during the design process.

How do you bring the different principles together in an urban design?
The key – and goal – is to create democratic urban public places. You could say that democratising architecture and culture is a driving force in urban development. In Sweden we don’t innovate for the sake of creativity, but to create a better society for everyone.

Read more about the seminar here.

By: Rickard Andersson

Published: 13 March, 2017

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Monica von Schmalensee to judge New London Awards 2017

9 February, 2017

White Arkitekter’s CEO Monica Von Schmalensee will participate as a judge on the international expert jury for the New London Awards 2017.

Recognising the very best in architecture, planning and development in the UK capital, the New London Awards considers both built and unbuilt projects. The international jury looks at projects’ architectural and design qualities as well as their impact on the surroundings and wider contribution to London.

Other invited to the international jury are David J Burney, Professor of Planning and Placemaking at Pratt Institute School of Architecture, Dominique Alba of Atelier Parisien d’Urbanisme, Riccardo Marini of Gehl Architects, Peter Murray of New London Architecture and David Taylor, editor of the New London Quarterly.

This is the fifth year in a row Monica has been asked to share her expertise as a judge for the awards.

By: Rickard Andersson

Published: 9 February, 2017

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White Arkitekter’s Sander Schuur wins “Architecture of the Year” for STHLMNYC

7 February, 2017

The annual gala “Årets Rum” (Room of the Year) praises architects and designers for influential and creative work. Sander Schuur, architect at White, and Linda Schuur are the winners in the “Architecture of the Year” category for their work with STHLMNYC.

STHMLNYC – founded and directed by the two architects – is a platform for collaboration between Stockholm and New York City to discuss and formulate a future urban environment that is adaptive to uncertainties of the future. The non-profit organiation brings people together to learn, to discuss, and to influence the future of our cities.

The jury, which consisted of Rahel Belatchew Lerdell and the editors-in-chief of Swedish publications Rum, Rum Hemma, Nya Rum and Rum Design, stated:

“The future of architecture faces similar challenges around the world. Sharing knowledge across borders is a prerequisite for rapidly achieving sustainable development. STHLMNYC is an initiative by two architects who have successfully managed to mobilise the industry in Stockholm and New York and have consistently shown that bridges can be built despite great physical distance.”

– We are grateful and proud to win the “Architecture of the Year” award and that the value of two cities working together for a positive urban development is getting attention. It’s great that the internationalisation of Swedish architecture is placed higher on the agenda and that it is also a focus area for the Government, says Sander Schuur.

Realisation of the tremendous potential of collaboration led Linda and Sander to initiate STHLMNYC in 2014. At the time, no platform existed that would enable such a collaboration to promote and share Swedish urban design and architecture. Now, after three years of testing new formats of various programs, STHLMNYC has found its form for taking the next step; to start new initiatives to further develop and impact the future.

Sander also continues his work as an architect at White Arkitekter.

By: Rickard Andersson

Published: 7 February, 2017

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