Norway’s largest school has opened

2,000 high school students are now moving into their new premises at Kuben yrkesarena in Oslo. The school is the largest investment ever in Norway in education. White has designed the interior of the school, which has a wide range of different vocational courses.

The aim of Kuben yrkesarena is to support and encourage lifelong learning. Therefore, the 40,000 m2 building also functions as a meeting place for students, teachers and representatives from the private and public sectors. The main challenge for interior designers at White was to identify how the experience and the decor of the common areas will support the school’s teaching, and also be a link to the work environment.

“Together with principals, teachers, students, architects and the Education Department, we formulated a basis of ideas which culminated in a concept with clearly distinct functions and activities. For these areas we designed special interiors, including a catwalk, student lockers as spacial components, a playing stage, the room-in-room that became a ” greenhouse”, lounging cubes, sunken sitting areas and multi-functional furniture,” says Elisabeth Rosenlund, Interior Designer at White.

Kuben yrkesarena was inaugurated on 16 August 2013 by Erna Solberg, leader of the Conservatives and Kristin Skogen Lund, Director General of Education Section, Education Department at the Municipality of Oslo. Also present at the event were Elisabeth Rosenlund, Kristofer Jonsson and Annie Leonsson from White.

Kuben yrkesarena (917x1200)

Kuben yrkesarena (1920x1200)