Park 1 to become Stockholm’s new green traffic and emergency management center

White is responsible for shaping and designing the new landmark being planned for Kungsholmen by the City of Stockholm. Park 1 is intended to house a traffic and emergency management center, a new fire station and a total of 1,200 new workplaces.

“This is one of Stockholm’s most exciting assignments. We are proud to have been entrusted with creating a unique building with a distinct green profile,” says Monica von Schmalensee, CEO at White.

The new traffic and emergency management center in western Kungsholmen is intended to bring about improved coordination of important societal functions. Efficient coordination on an everyday basis establishes good emergency preparedness and capacity for dealing with major incidents and emergencies. The intended tenants for the property are SOS Alarm, the Greater Stockholm Fire Brigade, Trafik Stockholm and the Swedish Transport Administration.

“It is a strong, unique building from many perspectives,” explains Linda Thiel, Lead Architect. “Without doubt, the roof terrace is the element that makes the greatest impact – a unique public green space with 360-degree views over the landscape of roofs. A guiding factor in our work has been the opportunity to contribute to more green areas and sustainability.”

The 50 metre high complex is a full 45,000 square metres, of which 13,000 square metres are intended for external office tenants. A prequalification procurement procedure made it possible for the assignment to be won in association with AG Arkitekter. Work on the façade has been carried out in collaboration with AKT based in London. Park 1 is intended for completion in 2018. Read more about the project.

Park 1, Stockholm (900x1200)