Liselotte Hjorth new head of the board of directors at White

Liselotte Hjorth is the new president of the board of directors at White Arkitekter. She is an economist with a vast experience from the finance and real estate sectors in Sweden and abroad. She is currently the head of the board at Kungsleden, East Capital Explorer and Hoist.

White is one of the largest architectural firms in Europe and is involved in many societal projects both in and out of Scandinavia.

”I am proud to be asked to take this position as president of the board at White. During the two years I have been in the board, I have had the chance of witnessing the company’s growth and development, creating engaging architecture. I look forward lead the board’s work as we become more international, strengthen the role of architecture and use our strong finances to invest in research and innovation”, says Liselott Hjorth.

White is employee-owned, has 117 partners and approximately 900 employees. The company was founded in 1951 and had a turnover of 824 million Swedish kronor last year. Also part of White’s board are Maria Wetterstrand, former leader of the Green Environmental Party and head of the Swedish governmental council for the climate goals, Magnus Thure Nilsson, CEO at Media Evolution in Malmö, White’s CEO, Monica von Schmalensee as well as five partners and employees.

For more information: Liselotte Hjorth, +49 172 685 77 23

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