White wins school project in Norway

In collaboration with Veidekke Entreprenör AS, White has won an architectural competition to design an extension to Hjalmar Johansen’s Videregående school for youths with special needs in Skien, Norway.

The proposal is characterised by its open spaces, ample use of natural light, and its emphasis to provide support functions for students’; designing conducive environments for their individual development. Described by the jury, it is an “appealing architectural expression…the presentation describes an interesting use of materials that provide both stunning facades and sustainable solutions”.

The floor plan creates flexibility by arranging rooms in a modular system, and to create a friendly, welcoming atmosphere and ensure a sense of safety, the extension’s structure is transparent and easy to navigate. The compact building layout and use of daylight significantly reduce the extension’s energy consumption, and has been designed to awaken and encourage curiosity and creativity.

“Projects such as this are always close to our hearts, as school and the school environment play a central role in students’ well-being, learning and future prospects. We have designed an extension that sits in harmony with the existing buildings yet retains its own identity. And it always keeps the student in the centre”, says Jenny Mäki, architect and head of office at White’s practice in Oslo.

Previous school projects in Norway include Bråtejordet School in Strømmen and Færder Videregående School in Tønsberg.

Hjalmar Johansen videregående skole, Skien (1920x1200)

Hjalmar Johansen videregående skole, Skien (1920x1200)