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The city of Borås, located in Western Sweden, has a long and rich history in the textile industry with a culmination in the 1900’s. Today the previously industrial city centre boasts a new character; full of life and movement, the urban transformation is grounded in sustainable solutions and adaptive re-use. Borås has also become an enthusiastic art hub, internationally known for its sculpture and for re-purposing building facades into street art.

White won the commission to design and furnish the interiors of Orangeriet in part due to our previous success with projects incorporating recycling and repurposing furnishings. In keeping with the local mantra, recycling and sustainability were the project prerequisites. An impressive 81 pieces of furniture, especially chairs, were re-used. Furniture once purchased by the city of Borås, was pulled from storage, re-lacquered and re-upholstered and given a new home at Orangeriet.

Past is intertwined with the present and for some residents, a chance to sit in the beloved seating from a time gone by. Furniture from a 1970’s café that once graced the city’s Cultural Centre – and long since replaced – has been reintroduced at Orangeriet. Furniture rooted in the local history is re-used, like armchairs from the City Hall and conference chairs from an old city theatre are incorporated into the new interior design. Brass plates attached to the furniture are engraved with the story of their origins. The remainder of furniture specified for the project is eco-labeled and upholstered with locally designed fabric.

Working in close collaboration with the client, we created a café/restaurant which truly feels like a welcoming city “living room”. Both the design and pulse exemplify the future Borås and all it stands for.


  • Client: Municipality of Borås
  • Project Start/End: 2013-2015
  • Completed: 2015
  • Area/Size: 600 m²
  • City: Borås
  • Photographer/Illustrator: Jan Töve


  • Susanna von Eyben
  • Annie Leonsson

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