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During the colder winter months, the Centre’s glass-fronted façade and main entrance shines a light over the town centre, its 6000 square metres evidence of a bold architectural project that led to the creation of a new and official meeting place for people of all ages.

The project started life with a competition to design a knowledge centre, the main components of which needed to be a library, a school and centre for high school-level and adult education. The school and library were brought together as one in White’s solution. Forming a base and a central point for the building is the three-storey library room, around which schooling activities take place. A free-standing ‘egg formation’, meanwhile, which hides a spiral staircase and footbridges to the different levels of the building, acts as a communications hub at the centre of the building.

The façade has a black render and cedar weatherboard covering, as well as glass sections from ceiling to roof towards the north and south.

Air and light were major themes running through the project for practical and aesthetic reasons, as well as from a sustainability perspective: large amounts of light in combination with sunlight protection reduces the energy consumed on lighting and cooling the building. Durability, thermal inertia and ability to age well were the main determining factors when choosing the building’s materials. Avoiding ‘hidden nooks and crannies’ has helped to minimise vandalism within the open-plan school environment.

The competition’s panel of judges chose White’s solution as “a surprising yet felicitous solution, the sum of which is greater than all of its parts, and as a creative environment that crosses boundaries, in the centre of Båstad”.

Agardh Knowledge Centre

  • Client: Båstad kommun
  • Project Start/End: 2000-2003
  • Completed: 2003
  • Area/Size: ca 6000 m² BTA
  • Cost: 82 miljoner SEK
  • City: Båstad
  • Photographer/Illustrator: Ulf Celander


  • Stellan Eriksson - Head Architect
  • Lars Nilsson
  • Bertil Holmer
  • Ellika Stare
  • Andreas Fridh
  • Lennart Andersson
  • Åsa Haremst
  • Charlotta Sundell
  • Anders Svensson
  • Ulrika Ferdman
  • Ingrid Blomdahl
  • Anders Svenningsson
  • Åsa Jönsson

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