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Inspired by traditional building techniques, we created a contemporary sustainable building based on nature’s own energy systems reinforced by smart technique. Through a combination of solar power, water recycling and management, integrated greenery, natural ventilation and locally produced materials, the building complex is an example of how ecological architecture can reduce energy demands and improve our footprint.

The building’s designs take their starting point from local conditions, climate, and the urban situation. Integrated sustainable solutions are a part of the architectural expression of the buildings. The whole complex represents a readable and attractive example of Nordic knowledge in Green building and sustainable landscape solutions.

Hanoi’s high temperatures, sun path and high humidity, have been indicative for the design of the building’s facades. The consular building has an exterior semi-transparent solar screen on the south facing facades. The facades illustrate locally produced ceramic tiles, glazed in a variety of light toned colors. This ceramic raster functions as shading and visibility screen towards the street and are a part of the transparent wall to the entrance courtyard. Ceramic is an ideal external cladding material in a humid climate zone and are easily cleaned from potential mold.

The entrance plaza and the neighborhood courtyard are the two main outdoor spaces in the proposal. Openness and transparency have been the key words guiding the design. On entering the compound through the main gate the focal point will be the lush vegetation at the centre of the plaza. The plaza is flexible in its design and can function for both everyday situations as well as for bigger festive events.

The second courtyard is of a more private character; a leafy neighborhood courtyard, from which both the personnel apartments and the private residences can be accessed.

Green lush beautiful environments not only create recreational space, they also reduce heat pressure, the risk of flooding during heavy rain and create a healthy environment for strengthening diversity of species in an otherwise barren urban environment. Green roofs, a high-lying base and naturally self-cleansed ponds and swells create a resilient storm-water management which harvests water for use in WC and watering.

A Nordic Compound in Hanoi

  • Client: Statens fastighetsverk
  • Project Start/End: 2013-2013
  • City: Hanoi, Vietnam
  • Photographer/Illustrator: White View


  • Bo Hofsten
  • Sara Grahn
  • Dan Boson
  • Elisabeth Schrotti
  • Sam Keshavarz
  • Erik Kiltorp
  • Oskar Nordquist
  • Mats Holmberg
  • Geoff Denton
  • Klara Junvik

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