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White, in collaboration with Martinsons Byggstystem AB and Lindbäcks Bygg AB (three well-established companies holding leading positions within their respective fields) took the initiative to create Älvsbacka Strand.

Naturally, the buildings have a timber finish on the outside, or rather high-quality glulam panelling that combines the natural expression of the timber with a look of elegant austerity. The buildings are designed to make a light impression, embedded in their park-like surroundings.

The industrial process that the promoters have developed, is pushing down costs while also enhancing the quality in relation to traditional site-built homes. By combining prefabricated volumes and timber panelling modules with the advantages they respectively offer, the system is able to offer a rapid, efficient method of assembly. Bathrooms, kitchens and laundry rooms come in prefabricated modules, and walls and floor structures are supplied complete.

Together these industry pioneers are specialising in building multi-storey buildings that have timber frames, in compliance with a system developed in-house, that contains everything from construction support and project management to manufacture and assembly. The building process is particularly well-suited to Nordic conditions, with a newly developed weather-protection technology that permits construction to take place more or less regardless of weather conditions.

Älvsbacka Strand

  • Project Start/End: 2006-2009
  • Completed: 2010
  • City: Skellefteå
  • Photographer/Illustrator: Thomas Zaar
  • Environmental facts: The timber frame manufacture alone saves 270 tonnes of carbon dioxide as compared to conventional concrete frames. Residual products from timber processing can be used to replace fossil fuels.


  • Katrin Ehnberg-Gunnarsson - ansvarig arkitekt
  • Lennart Sjögren
  • Albin Holmgren
  • Sofia Palmer
  • Marja Lundgren
  • Erik Eriksson
  • Rosmari Johansson
  • Mats Holmberg
  • Katharina Björlin Wiklund

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