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The competition comprised of a 60 000 square metres, which additionally creates an entirely new entrance to the complex hospital area. The building also constitutes as the first step towards a more connected and structured hospital area that is integrated into the surrounding city.

Our proposal gathers inspiration from Nya Karolinska Solna – for the structure of the building as well as the organization of accommodation. It is prepared with a high level of generality and it represents the health care buildings of tomorrow, with a socially sustainable and extrovert approach.

The architecture has a Scandinavian feel. Sunlight is reflected deep into the compact volume, by means of material choices and a parametric design. The public environments are characterized by warmth and care, with extensive wooden elements. The individual hospital rooms have a fantastic view of Bern, with the Alps in the background.

Our proposal is a reaction to the dense urban context. Green roof terraces and a green park with an open-air café offer a sophisticated and recreative environment for both staff and patients. On top of the base building, there is also a balcony with green walls, allowing for long walks without having to leave the hospital. The formation builds on evidence-based design and theories on the contemplative and rejuvenative effects of greenery.

Twelve teams, two of which foreign, partook in the competition. White’s proposal was developed in collaboration with the Austrian firm Architects Collective.

Bern Inselspital

  • Client: Inselspital
  • Project Start/End: 2014-2014
  • Area/Size: 60 000 sqm
  • City: Bern
  • Photographer/Illustrator: White View


  • Charlotte Ruben
  • Caroline Varnauskas
  • Christoph Duckart
  • Max Zinnecker
  • Joseph Price
  • Anna Burgaya
  • Magdalena Franciskovic
  • Jonas Runberger
  • Daniel Hultman

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