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In 2001, White was commissioned to add a classroom block to the preschool to year 9 section of Brunns School. Four years previously, the school had undergone alterations changing it from a worn-out primary and middle school to an ecologically-focused archipelago school and a natural gathering place for the residents of Ingarö.

White designed the new block in the same spirit as the rest of the school, painted the traditional Falun red with functional spaces and sustainable materials. It has a wood-wool roof, concrete block walls and timber, clinker and linoleum flooring.

The new building contains a series of rooms that can be used collectively and for different purposes. It accommodates two studios, class and group working rooms as well as a workroom for the teachers. Two rooms have movable walls separating them which, when combined, are able to form one large room for the whole working group.

Ventilation is provided via a natural draught system, in which a culvert under the whole building pre-heats or pre-cools the outside air. Apart from reducing energy requirements, this creates a good indoor climate with large internal volumes.

The block’s sustainable solutions are becoming part of the education process. Among the things provided by the natural draught ventilation system, which the staff and pupils themselves are able to influence, is an understanding of thermal effects. The ventilation chimneys in the classroom block have become a signature feature of Brunns School.

The school’s new building is positioned parallel to one of the existing blocks, creating a new, inspiring outdoor room for pupils to spend time in.

Brunns School

  • Client: Värmdö kommun
  • Project Start/End: 2001-2002
  • Completed: 2002
  • Area/Size: 1 050 m² BTA
  • City: Värmdö
  • Photographer/Illustrator: Martin Ekwall


  • Klara Frosterud - ansvarig arkitekt

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