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The Bilberg Building provides new accommodation for sciences etc at Campus Örebro. The building has been designed to facilitate and promote meetings betweens students, teachers, researchers and visitors.

White has created a building that is general, flexible and expandable. 15-metre-wide blocks provide different alternative floorplans and these can be combined with one another as required.

All departments, laboratories and specialist areas are accessible from a central entrance hall that cuts straight through the building. Everyone moves around here at some time during the day. Reading areas, group-work rooms and common rooms open directly onto the entrance hall. The hall obtains light from the gardens, gable ends and glazed sections at the top.

The climate shell is very well insulated and contains no in-built organic materials. Insulating awnings or fixed laminated timber drastically reduce the cooling requirement.

Warmth is produced using heat pumps which acquire heat from boreholes going down 200 m. Coolth is taken primarily from the boreholes and secondly from the heat pump.

All of the control units are gathered into a fan room in the basement. This makes maximum heat recycling possible. The majority of the roof is covered with solar panels which produce electricity for the building’s own requirements. All materials have been checked against the Sunda Hus environmental database.

Campus Örebro

  • Client: Akademiska hus Öst AB
  • Project Start/End: 2007-2008
  • Completed: 2008
  • City: Örebro
  • Photographer/Illustrator: Alexander von Sydow


  • Sven Gunnarson
  • Anders E Johansson
  • Elise Juusela-Norberg
  • Torbjörn Eliasson

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