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The aim, which was not without its challenges, was to build a study and research environment that would maximise creativity. By arranging all of the program facilities around an airy and light open-plan entrance hall, the objective was achieved. The welcoming common circulation space is repeated on all three building floors and is used by occupants and visitors to the building alike. The hall is overlooked by the library, cafeteria, staff room, student refectory and all teaching facilities, laboratories and offices.

There is a large number of collaborative working spaces available across all floors of the entrance hall, providing a space for all kinds of spontaneous and planned meetings, discussions and interdisciplinary swapping of ideas. Ample glass sections make all activity visible to visitors.

The building has achieved the Swedish Green Building Council’s Gold standard. It is also flexible, general-purpose and has the option to be extended – the structural frame and media supply, in particular, have been designed with future variations in mind which ensures longevity.

Campus USÖ

  • Client: Örebro Läns Landsting
  • Project Start/End: 2011-2013
  • Completed: 2013
  • Area/Size: 11 600 m2 BTA
  • City: Örebro
  • Photographer/Illustrator: Bara Bild
  • Environmental Building Certificate: Swedish Green Building Council Gold


  • Sven Gunnarson
  • Oskar Widlund
  • Elise Juusela-Norberg
  • Torbjörn Eliasson
  • Lena Enebjörk
  • Anna Barne
  • Hans Tang

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