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The arena, built by Akademiska Hus, is an important element of the growing campus area and is strategic in meeting Linköping’s goal of becoming The Sports Municipality of the Year during, 2015. Rented by Linköping’s municipality, Campus Valla is the place for year activity for Linköping’s Sports Club.

A comprehensive sports complex, Campus Valla encompasses 46 000 m² of land and 800 m² of premises; it boasts eight running tracks, 500 seats under roof and open-air spectator seating for 300 with the additional availability to construct temporary grandstands to accommodate the hosting of major competitions. Located to the north of the spectator stands is a throwing field for events including shot put, javelin and discus. Campus Valla creates new conditions for track and field athletics in Linköping and will host competitive events up to the elite level. Additionally, the sports complex can be used as a playing field for football up to Division 1.

The athletic arena, in combination with the athletics hall, can be used all year round. Running tracks are converted to an ice rink during wintertime, which helps to increase activity as a year round attraction. By means of cooling coils, the athletic track can even become an ice rink, giving the public the opportunity to skate during mild winters. In order to achieve the most energy efficient and environmentally sustainable solution, ice production for the skating tracks employs cooling from the nearby district cooling.

Campus Valla, Linköping

  • Client: Akademiska Hus Öst AB
  • Project Start/End: 2010-2011
  • Completed: 2011
  • Area/Size: 800 m² (BTA) locale, awards stand, spectator seating, kiosk, changing room facility & machine hall. Land area 46 000 m².
  • City: Linköping
  • Photographer/Illustrator: Göran Billeson
  • Environment: District cooling


  • Ola Carlson
  • Camilla Smedéus
  • Sofi Nilsson
  • Helén Ahl Dahlén


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