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The proposed terraced houses are designed to the site boundaries. By doing this the buildings abut the shared meadow to the west and the mews to the east. The mews side of the building provides access to the courtyard parking and the building front doors. A defendable space is not in keeping with the mews environment.

The external environment becomes a curious internal space with predominately vertical light, while the garden area for each house is above a conservatory/greenhouse room. This clever approach solves any security problems while creating a rich, varied and flexible space.

The proposed method of construction we have priced for is prefabricated from A Swedish manufacturer (A-hus). We chose this solution because of the quality of Scandinavian products as well as a desire to test the efficiency, and cost effectiveness of this design approach in a UK environment. Scandinavian design can be characterised as being simple, using quality material, and having a feeling for space and light while also being functional.

The solution for the code 5 level of sustainability house, is achieved through a combination or high thermal and air tight solutions, an exhaust air heat pump combined with Photovoltaic cells. This is a stand alone system whereby each house is self sufficient in energy needs except for the electric supply to cooking equipment.

Eco Town Terrace

  • Client: Whitehill Bordon Eco Town, East Hampshire county council
  • Project Start/End: 2012-2012
  • Area/Size: 90 m² per house
  • Cost: Estimated construction: £150k per house
  • Photographer/Illustrator: White View


  • Geoff Denton
  • Jake Ford

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