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Despite time pressures and limited resources, it is possible to mould new life into the concrete suburbs as the transformation of the outdoor environment in Eriksbo in east Gothenburg shows.
In 2008, on behalf of Familjebostäder, White was given the task of drawing up an interpretative programme for the entire area. Its proposal resulted in the refurbishment of thoroughfares, car parks, gardens and the area’s deserted and over-dimensioned square.

The square has been scaled down with a striped surface layer right across the square with roundels of black, roughly hewn stone forming an element that invite people to sit down. The square itself is split into different “rooms”, with seating areas, sheltered nooks and decorative garden beds. The lighting is accentuated. Three masts provide general lighting and spotlighting, at ground level round orange seating elements light up in the evening.

The fountain at the focal point of the square is surrounded by hard-wearing artificial grass. From the fountain, the water sprays up out of a slightly concave terrazzo area, which forms a fingerprint in blue, black and gold.

The refurbishment of the Eriksbo car parks made a great impact, with supporting concrete walls clad with timber ribs and the asphalt repaired. Dark entranceways were altered to have glass roofs and a little play area to meet up at was created between the laundry rooms.

Eriksbo Square, now well-frequented and popular, has provided housing in Eriksbo with a new identity and security. The foundations have also been laid for business to operate in the formerly empty premises around the square.

Eriksbo Square

  • Client: Familjebostäder
  • Project Start/End: 2008-2008
  • Completed: 2011
  • Area/Size: Ca 2 800 m²
  • City: Göteborg
  • Photographer/Illustrator: Bert Leandersson and White


  • Siena Prize 2009 nominee


  • Kajsa Sperling
  • Sam Keshavarz
  • Mikaela Åström Forsgren

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