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The project provides inner-city Gothenburg with an additional 452 apartments. The form of tenure is tenancy and the apartment sizes are generally small studio apartments with 1 room and kitchen, supplemented by a smaller number of apartments with 2 and 3 rooms plus kitchen.

The district is in an environment that is exposed to a lot of noise, with the busy street of Friggagatan on one side and railway, trams and bus route on the other.

The apartment blocks are built in the form of five pairs on a raised courtyard with the aim of achieving an acoustically sheltered zone, making it possible to construct homes on a difficult site.

Full-height windows with French balconies and exceptionally good acoustic properties make the apartments light. The residential blocks facing the railway depot are eight storeys high, the ones facing Friggagatan six storeys. Access balconies above the ground tie the two buildings together.

The façades onto Friggagatan and the railway depot have been given characteristic oriel windows which, being turned towards the south, make the apartments fantastically light.

The businesses on the ground floor offer a wide range comprising restaurants, café, gym, a grocery store with a postal service, kiosks, hairdresser, etc, and has contributed a great deal to street life on Friggagatan.

There is a shared inner courtyard between the buildings, six metres above ground level. Since the ground floor is used for shop spaces, the inner courtyard ends up above the level of the shops and therefore provides some seclusion from street level. The surrounding buildings subdue the light levels in the inner courtyard, which forms a quiet oasis in the centre of town.

The inner courtyard has leafy vegetation and even trees, also accommodating seating, play areas for little ones and a basketball court.

The roof terraces on the lower blocks are accessible from all of the buildings and also have trees, pergolas, timber decks and integral benches. From here, there is an unparalleled view over the city. It functions as a communal area for the tenants.


  • Client: Stigberget
  • Project Start/End: 2004-2010
  • Completed: 2011
  • Area/Size: Housing and 3700 m² business area
  • Apartments / Rooms: 452 tenancy apartments
  • City: Göteborg
  • Photographer/Illustrator: Bert Leandersson

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