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H+ is one of the most ambitious urban design projects in Northern Europe. The focus is aimed at linking together the northern and southern parts of this splintered city. At creating a structure plan for an area of more than one million square metres, to heal the fractured city where north and south have never succeeded in coming together. Out of the total of 63 teams from throughout Europe which registered an interest in the open competition, five were selected and given the task of developing plans for the project area aiming at 2035, when Helsingborg is to have a distinct new identity as a city of skills and a hub of creativity in the Öresund region.

During the competition process, White has been working in a large team with internationally practising expertise from different areas which have jointly developed solutions and ideas that go far beyond the conventional method of working on urban development.

Apart from White employees, the team comprised Professor Leif Edvinsson of Lund University and the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, WSP, the Danish firm Imitio and Wuz Risk Consultancy AB.
Its success lies in our ability to find a passable route by which to respond to the challenges facing our society, such as increased interaction between the city, its economy, academia, social innovation and process philosophy. For example, some of the keys to this include the development of the city’s campus area, enhancing and broadening cultural life, supporting enterprise and developing a distinctive social and cultural character that will contribute to the development of the Öresund region.


  • Client: City of Helsingborg
  • Project Start/End: 2010-2035
  • Completed: 2035
  • Area/Size: 1 million sq
  • City: Helsingborg
  • Photographer/Illustrator: White


  • Åsa Bjerndell
  • Martin Sundberg
  • Anna Eklund

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