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With no natural harbour, the town’s manmade harbour has been built up as a series of basins protected by granite breakwaters. While necessary, the barriers block views and restrict access to the open sea. These challenges have driven the design of Hasle Harbour Bath.

The Harbour Bath is comprised of a floating concrete platform and two stair formations, sited within the network of breakwaters. The platform encloses basins of different depths, and the platform’s outer edge delineates swimming lanes in the surrounding deep waters. Stair formations rise from the platform, forming staggered seating of varying depths, allowing flexible use. Two diving platforms extend from the main stair formation. At six meters high, visitors are rewarded with views of the surrounding harbour, the sea beyond and the sunset.

A 25 meter floating ramp connects the Harbour Bath to the landing, where a new building, clad in Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified Azobé timber boards like the stair formations, holds a sauna, toilet, and an outdoor changing area.

Created to welcome all ages and abilities, the Harbour Bath’s open design allows users to respond to the structure intuitively. The designs for future development include a series of small wooden decks draping the breakwaters, for more recreational activities at the site.

Hasle Harbour Bath

  • Client: Bornholm Regional Municipality
  • Project Start/End: 2011-2012
  • Completed: 2013
  • Area/Size: 500 m² floating platform, 400 m² wooden terraces, 60 m² building
  • City: Bornholm
  • Photographer/Illustrator: Signe Find Larsen


  • Fredrik Pettersson
  • Mikkel Olsen
  • Katrine Hvidt
  • Martin Münter

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