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In 1963, Helsingborgshem, a city owned housing company, purchased land and built the original housing division in the following year. Fifty years later a rejuvenation project began and the 22-storey Höjdpunkten is the result. White and Veidekke won the Helsingborsgshem organised competition and were jointly awarded the commission to design and construct the tower.

Höjdpunkten consists of two buildings. The taller tower structure, creates a stunning and iconic landmark both for Närlunda and for the city of Helsingborg. Nestled on the edge of a ridge that runs along the city’s entire coastline, this new landmark tower becomes a clear reference point in Helsingborg’s important silhouette against the Sound. It consists of compact and well-designed rental apartments with stunning views of the northwestern part of Skåne and the Öresund Sound.

Intertwined with the tower structure, the second, lower building creates a new meeting place in Närlunda as well as activating the streetscape with its mixed-use spaces. The two-storey building is comprised of student accommodation, retail outlets and a healthcare centre on the street level.

The tower’s height allows for panoramic views from most apartments. Thanks to the angled facades of varying nuances green and gloss, Höjdpunkten offers a different viewing experience depending on the angle it is viewed from.

With its façade of untreated spruce, the lower building stands in stark contrast to the green shimmering tower. Vegetation, patios, sun-terraces and the tower create a varied space. This ultimate culmination injects something new into the area, a natural meeting place that Närlunda previously lacked.


  • Client: Veidekke Entreprenad AB
  • Project Start/End: 2010-2014
  • Completed: 2014
  • Area/Size: 10 360 m² BTA
  • City: Helsingborg
  • Photographer/Illustrator: Adam Mørk and Ole Jais


  • Åsa Bjerndell - Lead Architect
  • Josef Wiberg - Lead Architect
  • Martin Münter
  • Daniel Borrie
  • Bernt Borgestig
  • Per-Anders Andersson
  • Rebecka Wijk
  • Milad Barosen
  • Carl Bäckstrand

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