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Simón Bolívar Hospital provides care and services to a wide range of demographics in the surrounding areas, and represents a significant socio-economic value to the community; it maintains a well-respected reputation within the region.

Our approach places the patient at the centre; a primary goal has been the integration of this hospital’s service provision in the context of Northern Bogotá, contributing to socially sustainable societal functions, education, mobility and entrepreneurship.

To fully develop a human centered plan we involved the medical staff, the management of the hospital and local consultants. As a result we were able provide a plan that meaningfully transforms the hospital into what the area was in poignant need of; a communal hub.

The proposed new building of 65,000 square meters more than doubles the capacity of the current healthcare facility. Between the hospital entrance floor and the main access road we create a plaza, which is a new public space for the neighbourhood.

The overall edifice is designed as a single volume featuring a façade specifically adjusted to the local climate. The hospital’s newly refurbished sustainable terraces can become an interactive new landmark for a Northern Bogotá with an enclosed green heart.

This feasibility study was funded by the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs and is administered by the Nordic Investment Bank.

Hospital Simón Bolívar

  • Client: Nordic Investment Bank, Ministry for Foreign Affairs
  • Project Start/End: 2015-2015
  • Area/Size: 65,000 m²
  • City: Bogotá
  • Photographer/Illustrator: White


  • Cristiana Caira
  • Andreas Ohlsson
  • Saga Karlsson
  • Bruno Manrique Carrera
  • Joel Hördin
  • Magnus Carlstrand
  • Björn Bondesson
  • Elin Rittmark
  • Carl Molander
  • Maria Glädt
  • Lisa Wistrand
  • Agne Revellé

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