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The new Psychiatric Clinic is part of the Southern Älvsborgs Hospital (SÄS), and will include inpatient wards and an emergency department for both the Adult Psychiatry Section (about 80 beds) and for the Children and Adolescent Psychiatry Section (about 10 beds). Other services will be a rehabilitation unit and a joint administrative function. Gross area (excluding technical areas) is around 11,500 sqm.

The general idea of the project is to create a clinic that has the dignity of a public building, but that does not feel like a closed “institution”. The overall vision of SÄS is that Psychiatry should not longer be stigmatized and isolated, but seen as an integrated part of the hospital, and the overall society.

The program from the brief is broken down into smaller units and the building adapts to the sites unique qualities, the existing greenery and the sloping terrain The interior space offers diverse views towards nature: the feeling of a large-scale institution is wiped away; there aren’t any long and monotonous corridors anywhere.

The architecture puts the patient in focus offering a welcoming, participatory and curative healthcare environment. The patient is free to choose solitude or community, from sitting in the small living room to socializing in the ward’s large dining room. All patient rooms are single rooms with private balconies that open to the surrounding nature and to natural light.

The daylight has a positive healing effect and the building is designed and orientated to take maximum advantage of this. The courtyards are directed toward the east: here the morning sun filtrates through the silent and calm pine forest.

The staff are offered light and safe working spaces. In the dedicated staff area there is the possibility to take a break during intensive work days. The staff can also enjoy the company of patients and families in large dayrooms available within the wards.

The project is planned to respond to very high energy efficiency demands and to achieve the ambitious environmental goals from Västra Götaland Region in Sweden.

House of Psychiatrics

  • Client: Västfastigheter
  • Project Start/End: 2011-2013
  • Completed: 2013
  • City: Borås



  • Stefan Lundin - ansvarig arkitekt
  • Cristiana Caira - ansvarig arkitekt
  • Karin Jakobsson
  • Stig Olsson
  • Jeroen Matthijssen
  • Katharina Thullner
  • Björn Bondesson
  • Rikard Sjöberg

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