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The museum was designed by Daniel Libeskind and built in 2002. Its surroundings are to be transformed from a large car park to a complementary cultural experience. The aim is to make the museum more inviting to attract more visitors.

In our proposal the outer environment addresses the psychological aspect of war, while the actual museum deals with the physical aspects. The outdoor environment should accentuate and embed the building, not compete with it. The basis is structure, nature and dreams.
A linear pattern of concrete sets the framework of the site. Narrow grass lines provide a feeling of a green field, broken by green areas where various permanent and temporary activities are provided. A walkway surrounds the museum and guides visitors around the site.

The process has been promoted at meetings and workshops, where experts on people in war situations have been interviewed. The proposal doesn’t only solve the requirements asked for, but also provides much needed parkland in an area that lacks green spaces.

Imperial War Museum North

  • Client: Imperial War Museum North
  • Project Start/End: 2008-2008
  • Completed: 0001
  • City: Manchester
  • Photographer/Illustrator: White View


  • Paula Mackenzie
  • Sam Keshavarz
  • Mattias Lind
  • Lina Gudmundsson
  • Kajsa Sperling
  • Anna Graaf
  • Daniel Hultman


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