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In a couple of decades Västra Hamnen has transformed itself from an industrial park into a national example of sustainable mixed-use urban development. The choice of location for the new office building is decidedly in alignment with the values of Midroc – an international company offering consultancy services in areas of properties, construction, industry and environmental technology.

The design challenge for White was situating the new building in the desired size on a relatively small property with no possibility to build in height. White’s solution was a compact structure of three to five storeys and volumes extruding in different directions. The result is a low-key building with a facade in shades of latte and champagne. The building’s form allows for a visual transparency and open site lines revealing stunning harbour vistas.

To contribute to a safer and more vibrant neighbourhood, Jungmannen was designed with flexibility of space in mind. Top floors house residential units, providing a liveliness evident outside of typical office hours and ground floor spaces which can be easily adapted into stores or restaurants.

Jungmannen translates as “deckhand”, a ship’s crew member who performs manual labour. Like its name, this “hardworking” building’s compact form lends itself to an exceptionally low energy consumption with values far below the limit of Sweden’s Green Building and a full 57% below the national requirements for office buildings. Some of the solutions that create energy efficiency in Jungmannen are the sedum roofs, which aid in cooling the building and collecting storm water, and locally controlled ventilation and lighting.

Jungmannen, Western harbour

  • Client: Midroc
  • Project Start/End: 2008-2010
  • Completed: 2010
  • Area/Size: ca. 4 000 m²
  • City: Malmö
  • Photographer/Illustrator: Ole Jais


  • The building has been nominated for the Stora samhällsbyggarpriset [the Major Built Environment Award]
  • The City of Malmö urban planning prize, the environmental distinction Årets Gröna Lans 2011.


  • Ola Dellson
  • Maria Jönsson
  • Lena Brand
  • Ulrika Connheim
  • Per-Anders Andersson
  • Thomas Rudin
  • Carl Bäckstrand
  • Marie-France Stendahl

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