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June 2010 White Arkitekter were invited to make design proposal for a housing scheme at South Kingsmead site. This was to be part of a bid for a Homes and Communities own site on the edge of Milton Keynes. The bid was to build approximately 270 homes of which 80 would be affordable.

As a new entrant to the UK housing market, Skanska have set out a strategy based on some key core values. Central to this being a focus on the consumer, in common with the way they do business in the Nordic countries. Skanska are aware that being new to the UK market, great care needs to be taken to build a brand that can represent these values to the market. The bidding process for the HCA owned site gave an oppotunity to start to develop an understanding and approach towards providing a successful solution for urban planning and housing types for the UK market.

During the bid process for the Kingsmead South site, it became clear that the outline planning permission and related Design Code, were in conflict with Skanska’s key core values. It was decided that Skanska UK would not continue with this particular bid. However as was intended valuable lessons were learnt from the bid document development. This document describes the design development process made by White Arkitekter in collaboration with Skanska UK and Sweden.


  • Client: Skanska RD UK
  • Project Start/End: 2010
  • Apartments / Rooms: 270 residential units
  • Cost: Estimated construction: £30million
  • City: Milton Keynes, UK
  • Photographer/Illustrator: White


  • Geoff Denton
  • Jake Ford