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As early as the late 1800’s, Skånska Cementaktiebolaget manufactured and shipped cement products on a global scale from Limhamn, and this development allows for the first time public access to this part of the city. The redesign of the massive storage silos, which are local landmarks, will include space for both businesses and housing.

The new neighbourhood opens up to the waterfront, giving residents direct access to marine activities, and to a vibrant new community situated by the sea. A new park is created on the existing breakwater. Expansive plantations of trees and local flora provide a beautiful communal green space and offers protection from coastal winds.

Sheltered by these buffering zones are a new school and kindergartens, and a spacious neighbourhood park. In the historic imprint of the former harbour basin, there is a new public square that extends into a beach park and boardwalk. Together, the new public spaces, businesses, homes and schools make an important addition to Limhamn, centering on the people who live there.

Limhamns läge

  • Client: NCC Boende AB, NCC Construction
  • Project Start/End: 2011-2015
  • Completed: 2015
  • Apartments / Rooms: Masterplan for 500 apartments in phase 1 and 800 in phase 2. Design of 128 apartments and 49 row houses.
  • City: Malmö
  • Photographer/Illustrator: White


  • Sven Gustafsson
  • Rebecka Wijk
  • Maud Karlström
  • Fredrik Larsson
  • Peter Petersson
  • Ola Dellson
  • Göran Wihl
  • Daniel Borrie
  • Johan Persson
  • Karl Landin
  • Malin Ericson
  • Martin Sundberg

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