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Today, much of Eskilstuna’s city development takes place in the Munktell area. The campus location is strategically important in enhancing and elucidating the city lane between central Eskilstuna and the developing Munktell town.

Our proposal builds on Eskilstuna’s qualities: the distinct but varied Fristad neighbourhood, the large unifying urban space by Eskilstuna River, and the listed bath house building from 1932.

In our proposal, the bath house plays a prominent role and gains a new function that interplays well with its architecture. The new activities are public as well: the building will house a library and a café. Glassed-in passages attach the bath house to the newly built parts.

The five new buildings contain spaces for studying and meeting up. These vary in size and level of openness. In the centre of the construction there’s a unifying square, a generous atrium where all spaces converge.

For two of the roofs, we suggest generous rooftop terraces with plenty of seating space for studying, hanging out and lunching. There will be greenery in movable planter boxes that can be wheeled around depending on sun, shade and wind. Remaining roofs are dominated by solar panels with underlying sedum moss, which respectively contribute to an efficient solar production and the detention of surface water runoff and various ecosystem services. All in all, the proposal involves little need for purchased energy.

Another important sustainability aspect is the choice of materials. The materials in our proposal are chosen with regard to sustainability from a life cycle perspective and for providing a robust environment with strong character. According to calculations and an early estimate, our proposal attains the Miljöbyggnad (Environmental building) Gold level.

Mälardalen University Eskilstuna

  • Project Start/End: 2014-2014
  • City: Eskilstuna
  • Photographer/Illustrator: White View


  • Sara Grahn
  • Koen Kragting
  • Jesper Källgren
  • Sam Keshavarz
  • Sarah Dahman Meyersson
  • Viktor Sjöberg
  • Oskar Nordquist
  • Klara Frosterud

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