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Facing the building, geological surgery comes to mind. A sharp incision is made in the sloping terrain with the mountain as a dramatic back drop. The top layer of earth is then raised, almost folded up, to expose the mystical rock underneath. The building, which consists of wood, concrete and glass is then inserted back into the incision. By doing this the building fully integrates with the landscape and together with nature creates a unified whole.

The result is what the competition jury characterised as “an unobtrusive but nevertheless sculpturally expressive building interacting closely with the location, themountain and the sea”. White also won the competition for the exhibition within the building. While the building interpreters the mountain’s primordial force, its material and colour. The exhibition contrasts by offering the audience happy colours that rather associates with a well-stocked candy store.

Naturum High Coast

  • Client: The County Administrative Board of Västernorrland
  • Project Start/End: 2011-2006
  • Completed: 2006
  • City: Docksta
  • Photographer/Illustrator: Johan Fowelin


  • Ulla Antonsson
  • Mattias Lind
  • David Saand
  • Johanna Engberg

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