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Naturum is primarily an information and exhibition facility – a gateway to the natural world. The building is located a certain distance from the road, nestling into the forest fringes where the trees end and the moss takes over. It floats about a metre above the tussocks and is supported by two 36m-long structural beams, resting on four granite supports in the unspoilt terrain.

Naturum is built entirely of timber, crudely worked but assembled with high precision. Benches, tables, bookshelves and doors are made of the same whitewood panels as the walls, roof and flooring. Inside, none of the timber has been treated; outside, the timber panelling has been protected against rot with dark brown Stockholm tar, just like the decking at the front of the building.

The framework is visible both from the outside and inside of the building and, combined with the roof trusses, cross-braces and hangers, largely gives the building its character.

The exhibition tells the story of the moss’s 14,000 year history, of the way flora and fauna have developed from the last Ice Age to today, and the way humans have influenced the landscape. The screen printed glass is complemented by iron that has been blued with linseed oil, timber models and specially produced artefacts in iron wire – Småland “luffarslöjd” or wirecraft. Desks, model podiums and suspension devices are made of whitewood with the same detailed finish as the rest of the furnishings.

Naturum Store Mosse

  • Client: The County Administrative Board of Jönköping
  • Project Start/End: 2002-2003
  • Completed: 2003
  • Area/Size: 300 m²
  • City: Hillerstorp
  • Photographer/Illustrator: Mikael Olsson


  • Mattias Lind
  • Ulla Antonsson
  • Lars Zackrisson
  • Daniel Hultman
  • Roger Olsson

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