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For a number of years now, the municipality of Sundsvall has been carrying out an ambitious project with a distinctive, high eco-profile. The Norra Kajen investment, in a collaborative venture with the Norrlandspojkarna property company, forms a large part of the municipality’s work on developing the town.

White won the architecture competition after competing with some of the leading architectural practices in the Nordic region. By proposing a new traffic structure in which through-traffic by-passes the town, we were able to produce a proposal to enhance the future image of Sundsvall. One key feature is moving the incoming traffic from the present-day E4 to Heffners Allé, which runs through the new urban district.

In that way, Norra Kajen will become a new urban district – instead of a residential area just on the outside edge, which people drive past to reach Sundsvall City.

The continued work provides the municipality of Sundsvall with opportunities to concentrate the town in a very attractive location, and to contribute to sustainable development. The well-planned holistic philosophy makes it possible to raise the ecological ambition just that little bit higher. The vision is to create Sweden’s first urban district that has a sealed energy system.

Green thoroughfares are linked to green areas – with green plants growing on the roofs and façades to purify the air. It also means that the waterways will be improved and we will have a better climate, for people and for animals. Heat pumps extract energy from the Sundsvall fjord, the houses have heat recovery systems, and electricity is generated by solar panels and by burning biogas.

Norra Kajen

  • Client: Norra Kajen Exploaterings AB
  • Project Start/End: 2008-2011
  • Completed: 2020
  • Area/Size: 360 000 m² GTA
  • City: Sundsvall
  • Photographer/Illustrator: White View


  • Jan Larsson - ansvarig arkitekt
  • Björn Bondesson
  • Thomas Landenberg
  • Jenny Mäki
  • Sam Keshavarz
  • Lina Gudmundsson

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