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This proposal expands the physical and cultural limits of the city centre; creating inspirational workplaces and an attentively designed urban zone; White’s plan pursues the densification of a more democratic Oslo.

In collaboration with Alliance arkitekter and Sweco, White has developed a proposal that provides Oslo with the opportunity to be on the absolute front edge of sustainable urban development, with a dense city centre, beautiful open urban spaces and an attractive workplace, facilitating the best possible government cooperation.

With Høyblokka still standing as the tallest building, this compact development unifies the entirety of employed governmental staff in the surrounding quarter. A myriad of facilities for social gathering, collaboration and the exchange of ideas are encompassed within the proposal zone; inside the buildings as well as in the urban spaces outside of the ministry.

The scope of expansion included within the proposal includes an urban area within the city centre that is populated by over 6000 members of the governmental staff. New urban connections are created between east and west, and the distance from Young’s Square to the Court House will be perceived in an entirely new way.

In order to meaningfully deliver the expectation of a wholly positive manifestation of the proposal’s public perception; Hospitalsgata will be transformed into an elegant city street, complete with a vibrant variety of ground floor shops, cafes and galleries.

This proposal represents the freedom we embody in our interpretation of the governmental quarter in the capital; no longer a barrier, but a living and integrated part of the city. Open access, populated urban spaces provided the foremost symbols of a stronger Norwegian democracy, for the world of today, and that of tomorrow.

Oslo Government Quarter

  • Client: Statsbygg
  • Project Start/End: 2015-2015
  • Completed: 2015
  • City: Oslo


  • Sara Grahn
  • Jenny Mäki
  • Mattias Nordström
  • Jeroen Matthijssen
  • Louise Didriksson
  • Alf Isak Nordli
  • Viktoria Walldin
  • Britta Wikholm
  • Tobias Hesselgren
  • Örn Erlendsson
  • Viktor Sjöberg
  • Ellen Kildal Aga

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