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With vast, spanning windows, generously robust surfaces, and flexible meeting rooms, P5 is the newly opened conference facility located on the top floor of Väven, a cultural centre in Umeå, Northern Sweden. White was commissioned Väven by the municipality of Umeå, a 2014 European Capital of Culture, so that the city could continue its path towards Scandinavia’s foremost hub of art, music, and literature.

As the name suggests, P5 occupies the fifth floor of Väven and offers meeting rooms, two banquet rooms, an open event area and a large roof terrace with room for up to 200 people. The centre is designed to accommodate many events simultaneously. Furnishings, lighting and technology are chosen to be easily moved, rearranged and adapted to new conditions; flexibility is everywhere but at the same time seamless and invisible to visitors.

Overlooking Ume River, the centre has expansive views of the surrounding northern landscape. Equally as striking are the distinctive, palette rich interiors. In the main lobby are walls of undulating black glass that encapsulate the centre’s meeting rooms and practical functions while social areas are graced with the signature, room-high wood paneling – composed of 15,000 square pieces of Birch wood interwoven with remarkable precision. A crackling firepit warms the middle of the lobby, burning what could be “näver”, or the distinctive light-colored bark from the surrounding area’s pervasive Birch trees.

The P5 is not posh and luxurious. It is much better than that. Our goal has been to capture the state mind that exists within those that live above the Arctic Circle; one that is closely intertwined with nature, and to express that, interwoven into our design. – Mattias Lind, Head Architect

Contrasting with Väven’s more austere exterior, the P5 interior scale is dense, richly textural and colourful with a strong reference to Lapland’s unique artisanship. Monochrome furniture in full-bodied orange, represents one of the centre’s hallmarks while the backdrop of black glass mirrors images of daylight, people in motion, and the room itself in sharp relief.

P5 Conference

  • Client: Balticgruppen AB
  • Project Start/End: 2013-2015
  • Completed: 2015
  • City: Umeå
  • Photographer/Illustrator: Åke E:son Lindman


  • Mattias Lind - Head Architect
  • Lennart Sjögren
  • Maria Olsson
  • Marianne Rutberg
  • Christian Wahlström
  • Agne Revellé
  • Egil Blom
  • Annie Leonsson
  • Andreas Ohlsson
  • Malgorzata Kosieradzka
  • Andreas Milsta
  • Mikaela Åström Forsgren

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